Romans | A Commentary by Carroll Roberson


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Romans | A Commentary by Carroll Roberson

After spending some time in Rome and standing in the Mamertine dungeon where the Apostle Paul was imprisoned, Carroll Roberson was deeply inspired to write a commentary on the epistle to the Romans.  Volumes have been written over the years on this profound doctrinal book, pointing to much division within the body of Christ.  Many scholars, theologians, and pastors approach Romans with an anti-Semitic perspective, leaving out the Jewish thought behind the Greek text.  Since the days of the Reformation in England, replacement theologians have tried to explain away God’s promises to Israel by over-spiritualizing the word “Israel”.  With a western-world interpretation of words like “election” and “predestination”, the original meaning has been forgotten or misplaced in many church circles.  But understanding the Roman world in which the Jewish Apostle Paul lived helps us to see more clearly the background to many of Paul’s words.  In this in-depth, easy-to-read format, Carroll lets the Holy Bible explain itself, with Greek and Hebrew thoughts, and help you to understand these controversial subjects.

Contained in this commentary on the epistle to the Romans is the charge that every follower of Christ needs to have more wisdom about the sinfulness of man, justification by faith in Christ, imputed righteousness for Jews and Gentiles, living a holy life out of a heart of love for Christ, and promises that God has made to Israel.


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