5 Books: Acts… and they continued – and the Gospels: Matthew | Mark | Luke | John


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5 Books: Acts… and they continued – and the Gospels: Matthew | Mark | Luke | John

Acts…and they continued is an in-depth commentary on how the work of Jesus continued by the coming of the Holy Spirit. The apostles and the early church suffered great persecution but forever changed the course of human history. This is not just another commentary! Carroll brings out the Jewish background, the Roman history, the geography of Paul’s journeys, and languages, to help you better understand the context of how Christianity spread in the early first century. Much of the false doctrine that is found in many churches today comes from the transitional book of Acts. This is a must read for ministers, Bible students, Sunday school classes, and home Bible study groups. Bro. Carroll’s commentary on the book of Acts, together with his other commentaries on the four gospels: “Matthew the Hebrew Gospel, Mark the Messiah’s Gospel, Luke the Lord’s Gospel, and John the Jewish Gospel,” hold countless hidden treasures as a result of thousands of hours of study and years of research. With these commentaries you will be able to discover more about the Life & Ministry of Christ and the Early Church.
Matthew – The Hebrew Gospel is the third volume of Carroll’s work in process on the four gospels.  Carroll helps you to see why Matthew was written and why it is the first book of the new Testament.  Matthew’s gospel was written in the Hebrew language first and later translated into the Greek.  Matthew’s gospel was also written much earlier than scholars have taught.  Carroll brings out many of the Jewish customs, history, geography as well as many personal experiences throughout this amazing work.  The Bible will come together as he helps you to connect Old Testament passages to the ministry of Jesus the Messiah.  Carroll has put together years of research into an easy-read format for ministers and lay people alike.
Mark the Messiah’s Gospel is just one of the commentaries that Carroll has written on the four gospels — Matthew the Hebrew Gospel, Luke the Lord’s Gospel, and John the Jewish Gospel.  Mark, identified as John Mark in the New Testament, was writing through the inspiration of Simon Peter who had walked with the very Son of God and was the leader of the disciples.  Mark was writing to the Jewish and Gentile believers in Rome.  His gospel is the shortest of the four gospels and presents Jesus as Israel’s messiah in a fast-paced, action-packed style.

Luke – The Lord’s Gospel is a deeper look into the life and times of Jesus, our Lord.  For centuries, scholars have only studied Luke from the Greek perspective and have failed to see the Hebrew Lord behind the Greek text.  Was Luke a Gentile like most scholars teach?  Or was he a Greek-speaking Jew living in the diaspora?

John, The Jewish Gospel,is unique among the Gospels. It proclaims Christ’s love in a way the others do not. It also contains a different selec tion of miracles and teachings from our Lord.  Most importantly, John places special focus on the complete and simultaneous divinity and humanity of Messiah. This is emphasized by the account being bookended between the powerful first chapter that reveals Christ as God the Creator and John’s nine-chapter retelling of the events surrounding Jesus’ Passion and Resurrection.
Over the centuries, Christianity has become dominated by well-meaning Gentile thought as the center of world culture has moved westward and anti-Semitic prejudice has become subtly more prevalent. As a result, we have missed the rich depth of so many truths by not reading the Gospel of John from his point of view of having walked and talked with his Jewish Messiah and God in the flesh. Most commentators approach John’s Gospel with a focus on expounding on the Greek language of the text. From this point, it is easy to wander into the realm of misunderstanding because Gentiles dissecting Gentile words leads to Gentile logic and analysis imposing itself on the fulfillment of the Jewish faith.

In John – The Jewish Gospel, Carroll Roberson invites the reader to get to know Jesus better by examining the text of John verse-by-verse and passage-by-passage from a first century Jewish perspective. He does this with an open Old Testament and a wealth of biblical knowledge, study, and experience at the ready. Carroll pays special attention to Messianic Prophesy and details within the text that come alive when viewed with an understanding of the culture of the time. John – The Jewish Gospel is a wonderful addition to the library of anyone who seeks to grow closer to Jesus the Messiah.


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