ISRAEL, Blessing | Tribulation | Glory


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ISRAEL, Blessing | Tribulation | Glory

With the rise of Replacement and Reformed Theology being taught in many churches and colleges today, and with so much misguided anti-Semitism, Carroll’s newest book “Israel, Blessing-Tribulation-Glory” is a must read! After thousands of hours of research and traveling to Israel for over thirty years, Bro. Carroll helps you better understand the past-present- and future of Israel from a biblical and historical perspective. Carroll brings out many unusual truths, like the story of Israel written in the stars; who does the land of Israel really belong to according to the Bible? Why are the Muslim nations trying to annihilate Israel? Are these nations mentioned in the Bible? Who is Hamas? Who is Hezbollah? Are we close to the Great Tribulation Period that the Bible and Jesus talk about? With most of Israel still in unbelief, why should Bible-believing Christians support Israel?  “Israel, Blessing-Tribulation-Glory” is now available in a beautiful, hardback, extra-large print edition for a gift to the ministry of only $40.00. Please call 1-800-523-3228 or order here on our website.


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