Walking With Jesus – Teaching Series


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Walking With Jesus – Teaching Series

Set Includes: Fishers of Men, Sermon On the Mount, Mysteries of the Kingdom, Galatians, Hebrews, Jesus the Messiah

Notice: This set DOES NOT include the “Only One Messiah”

With over two years in the making, Only One Messiah is one of the most comprehensive teaching series on the life of Jesus that has been produced. Over sixty Bible lessons, and over twenty songs, filmed on location in Israel. Carroll and Donna Roberson will take you on a chronological order of events through the ministry of the Messiah. Divided into six parts, and over eight hours of beautiful scenery from the holy land, this project was aired on Christian networks all over the world. Many churches and schools are using this series for teaching, and many ministers will find tremendous insights to help their ministry.

PART 1: (Introduction to the video series)
Song, “There’s Only One Messiah” • Land Of The Messiah -Song, “Walk This Land With Me” • The Annunciation • The Birth Of The Messiah • Song, “His Name Shall Be Called” • The Presentation In The Temple • The Visit Of The Wise Men • The Flight Into Egypt • Jesus In The Temple At The Age Of Twelve • The Boyhood Home In Nazareth

Song, There’s Only One Messiah” • The Baptism Of Jesus • Christian Baptism • Song, “Down To The Jordan With Me” • The Temptation Of Jesus • Ministry In Galileo • Song, “Galilee, Galilee” • Teaching In The Synagogue • The First Apostles • The Women Disciples • The First Miracle • Jesus Cleansing The Temple • Jesus And Nicodemus • Song, “The Love Of God” • The Woman At The Well • Song, “Fill My Cup Lord”

Song, “There’s Only One Messiah” • Messianic Miracles • Authority Of The Messiah • The Healing Of Peter’s Mother-in-law • The Healing Of The Leper • The Miraculous Catch • Song, “Cast Your Net Upon The Sea” • Woman With The Issue Of Blood • Song, “Let Me Touch Him” • Feeding Of The Five Thousand • The Bread Of Life • Song, “The Bread Of Life” • The Sermon On The Mount • The Parables • Song, “Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven” • Calming The Storm • Walking On The water • Song, “Jesus Is The Master” • The Maniac Of Gadara

Song, “There’s Only One Messiah”‘ The Great Confession • Song, “Yeshua is Messiah”‘ The Mount Of Trans- figuration • Lesson On Little Children • Song, “Galilee, Galilee”‘ Judgment On The Cities • The Shepherd And The Sheep • Song, “The Lord Is My Shepherd”‘ Blind Bartimaeus • Teaching On Zacchaeus • Mary And Martha • The Raising Of Lazarus • The Triumphal Entry • The Light Of The World • I Am The Door

Song, “There’s Only One Messiah”-Four Major Groups Of People • Render Unto God • Parable Of The Householder • The Last Passover • Song, “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled” I Am The True Vine • The Agony And Arrest In The Garden • The False Trial • Pilate And Herod • The Passover Lamb • The Gross • Song, “A Time To Live” Who Crucified Jesus? • Song, “Whiter Than Snow” ‘ Death Destroyed Death • The Women At The Tomb • The Resurrection • Song, “I Believe Jesus Is Lord”   Song, “Because He Lives”‘ Two Men On The Road To Emmaus

Song, “Only One Messiah” Back To Galilee • Song, “I Love Jesus More Today” • The Great Commission • The Ascension Of Messiah • The Coming Back Of Messiah • Song, “He Is The King of Kings” • The Day Of Pentecost • Fallen Stones At Ophel Gardens • Peter And Cornelius • Hellenized Jews • Final Thoughts • Pray For The Peace Of Jerusalem • The Unique Messiah • Song, “There Is Only One Messiah”


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