Glory in Colorado


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Glory in Colorado

  1. Less of Me
  2. A Mighty Rich Man
  3. God Made the Mountains
  4. It’s a Beautiful Morning
  5. His Eye is on the Sparrow
  6. Life
  7. Peace in the Valley
  8. I See God
  9. I Believe
  10. Reach Out to Jesus
  11. May the Lord Lift Up His Face
  12. Beyond the Cross
  13. Jesus is the Light Guiding Me
  14. When You Find the Lord
  15. Do You Really Love Jesus
  16. Things that Will Matter
  17. I’ve Got a Reason to Smile
  18. More Than a Man
  19. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  20. One Day at a Time
  21. Is There a Moutnain
  22. My Tribute
  23. One Pair of Hands
  24. I Believe Jesus Died for Me
  25. A Thing Called Love
  26. Hidden By the Cross
  27. I’d Rather Be an Old Time Christian
  28. I’m Gonna Serve the Lord
  29. In Christ Alone
  30. What I Could Not Do for Myself
  31. Happy Trails
  32. America/God Bless America Again

Plus (6) Bonus Christmas Songs


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