Jesus Says Hello

“Jesus Says Hello” CD by Carroll Roberson is a heartfelt musical testament to the enduring presence and love of Jesus Christ. With soul-stirring vocals and emotive melodies, Roberson delivers a powerful message of faith and hope that resonates deeply with listeners. From the uplifting title track to the timeless hymns of worship, each song on the album is a poignant expression of Roberson’s unwavering devotion to his Savior. Through its blend of gospel, country, and contemporary influences, “Jesus Says Hello” offers a sanctuary of spiritual reflection and renewal, providing listeners with a timeless soundtrack for their journey of faith. It’s a musical experience that uplifts the spirit and reminds us of the comforting embrace of God’s love.

  1. Jesus Says Hello
  2. Just Ask Jesus
  3. Without the Lord
  4. Love the Lord Love Your Neighbor
  5. If I Could See the World (Donna)
  6. Delight Thyself In the Lord
  7. Another Day
  8. A Forgiven Thief
  9. Jesus Take Care of Me
  10. The Joy of Jesus
  11. I’ve Got a Reason for Living (Donna)
  12. If We Lose We Will Find